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Bernie Marks Pope Visit…By Joining Striking Workers

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The Pope and Bernie Sanders share something: concern for the poor and a sharp critique of capitalism, as well as no fondness for the Wall Street class which funds virtually every other candidate, including the presumed front-runner. While others jostle for tickets to be in the picture with the Pope, Bernie’s hitting the streets with the very people he is campaigning to defend.

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On The Road With Bernie in New Hampshire (Mostly Pics)

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Long day in New Hampshire Saturday (after 10-hour, 3-leg journey from Seattle…don’t ask…) so just getting around to this…I was at the New Hampshire state Democratic Party convention, and, then, later at an event at the Manchester Bernie headquarters where, among other things, Bernie received the endorsement of the local postal workers union.

Anti-Iran Deal Republican House “Chicken Hawks” Who Want More Americans To Die

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Republicans are embracing the full Dick Cheney doctrine. I don’t mean simply the “let’s break international law and bomb the fuck out of people in service to Halliburton.” I mean the doctrine that, for all the tough talk, when it came time to serve, the vast majority of these guys who are ready to go to war with Iran, decided, like Cheney, that when it came to serve in the military and put their lives on the line, they all had other priorities.

This is a group of “chicken hawks” who are ready to have more people die–Americans and others–but would never put their own lives on the line.

The Fed Should Provide Cash To Greek Banks, Or Dump ECB (Kudos to Bernie for Indirect Idea)

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Banks on the brink. Financial system close to collapse–or so said the experts. To the rescue rode the Federal Reserve Board, which authorized trillions of dollars for all sorts of financial institutions, domestic and foreign…even if said institutions didn’t need the money but were happy to take essentially free money.

That was back during the financial crisis.

Now, it’s Greece and its banks running short on cash, squeezed by the money lenders and, in particular, the European Central Bank. So, why not: the Federal Reserve Board should be directed by Congress to commit to providing liquidity to Greek banks so the people in Greece–millions of human beings–can pay their bills, get their pension payments and continue to have money to buy food–or cut off the ECB from its Fed-backed line of credit.