Episode 41: Class Warfare and Racism–Workers Take On The Economic Machine

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Start by being inspired by Billy Bragg’s “There Is Power In The Union”. Then, listen as I talk to a Nissan worker who is at the center of a critical campaign to win a union at Nissan’s plant in Canton, Mississippi—a two-day vote that will start tomorrow (and we will update the result for our listeners in next week’s podcast!).

I, then, mark this week’s Black Women’s Equal Pay Day by talking with economist Janelle Jones about the blatant racism black women face in what they earn at work.

Our Robber Baron of the week is Olivier Brandicourt, the CEO of French drug giant Sanofi, who is happy to pocket U.S. taxpayer-funded research money but won’t commit to a fair drug price for a Zika virus vaccine—but, as you will learn, Bernie Sanders isn’t sitting by quietly and accepting that scam.

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