Episode 42: Democratic Litmus Test Misfire: How About Tax Cuts For Rich, Not Womens’ Rights?

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Sometimes, you have to wonder: are Democratic Party leaders dumb or just ideologically bankrupt? I talk to a leading abortion rights advocate, Vicki Saporta, about the foolish suggestion floated by some Democratic leaders that the party would not have a litmus test—and, thus, support with money and resources—candidates who are not pro-choice. How stupid is that since womens’ reproductive rights are central to the party’s platform, not to mention a human right that animates many voters?

And speaking of litmus tests, maybe the next step under consideration is to give a pass to Democrats willing to support the massive Republican tax cuts for the rich about to be unveiled any day—and I dig into key aspects of that future robbery with tax expert Matt Gardner.

Our Robber Baron of the week is Terry Gou, the billionaire owner of Foxconn.

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