Episode 63: Putting A Hole In GOP Tax Scam; A Union Rising At The L.A. Times; A Progressive Runs in Iowa

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Republicans tried all sorts of tricks in their tax scam bill to target taxpayers in Democratic states, including messing with the deduction for local and state income and property taxes…except we’re smarter than they are—at least Dean Baker is. As I find out in my chat with him, Dean has found a way to keep the deductions in a round-about way—and he explains the idea that is catching fire around the nation.

For decades, the Los Angeles Times has been viciously anti-union when it came to journalists who might want a union at the newspaper—but that may all change within two weeks thanks to a union election that starts tomorrow. Jonathan gets all the latest from Times reporter and union supporter Carolina Miranda.

We also visit with Austin Frerick who is running for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District. Our Robber Baron is Home Depot CEO Craig Menear.

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