A Bad Idea Is Always A Bad Idea

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There is so much stupidity in the debate over the phony debt and deficit “crisis”, and its little “sibling, the “fiscal cliff”. Here is one very stupid thing: whether the tax cuts for the very wealthy should be extended. The tax cuts were a bad idea — immoral actually — when they first were proposed by George W. Bush. Which still makes the tax cuts — legalized robbery — a bad idea today.

The Citizens for Tax Justice makes the compelling case:

Here’s why the idea is absurd: Obama’s approach to the Bush tax cuts is already a huge compromise for the many lawmakers who originally opposed the Bush tax cuts. Remember, President Obama’s proposal is to extend 78 percent of the Bush tax cuts (in terms of revenue). His proposal would extend the Bush income tax cuts entirely for 98 percent of Americans and partially for the richest two percent, and would extend much of the Bush estate tax cut so that only 0.3 percent of deaths would result in estate tax liability.


People have asked us how extending the tax cuts for income up to $1 million could possibly help people who make over $1 million. The answer is that all of these proposals would extend reductions in income tax rates for all the income a taxpayer makes up to whatever threshold is being proposed. Obama’s proposal would extend the income tax cuts for the first $250,000 a married couple makes. That means that a married couple making $300,000 would only pay the higher, pre-Bush tax rates on $50,000 of their income (at most).

Similarly, Pelosi’s proposal (which she subsequently backed away from) would extend the income tax cuts for the first $1 million a family makes. That means that a family making $1.1 million would pay the higher, pre-Bush tax rates on just $100,000 of their income (at most).

Many people, including those who write about these issues and enact tax laws, have failed to appreciate this. Much of the debate has revolved around whether or not people who make $250,000 should be considered “rich” if they live in higher-cost areas. This debate is utterly beside the point because someone making $250,000 would not have to give up any of their tax cuts under Obama’s proposal.

So, it’s just a give-away to people are rich already. A bad idea then. A bad idea today.

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