A Bitter Note

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All in all, it was a pretty nice night for the forces of pretty good — as opposed to the excellent Wellstone-like leaders we need. But, a note from the front-lines of collective bargaining where it matters long term– an initiative to lock in collective bargaining in Michigan was soundly defeated.

From the Detroit News:

Michigan voters rejected a controversial measure to enshrine collective bargaining in the state Constitution.

The union-backed measure mustered only 41 percent support with most precincts reporting. Voter approval would have made Michigan the first state in the nation with such a constitutional guarantee of collective bargaining rights.

The proposed amendment known as Proposal 2 would have prohibited the Legislature from approving any new laws to restrict collective bargaining.

A reliable source of mine in the area says a large part of the problem was that the ad campaign in favor of the measure sucked. That’s a technical term: sucked. Still, it’s a bitter defeat.

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