A Good Belly Laugh

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The smell test. You know corruption when you see it — and you know bullshit excuses when you hear them. Here’s a doozy.

Turns out, the president is thinking about having corporations pony up for the inauguration parties:

Obama fundraisers and campaign advisers cite various reasons for accepting corporate money this time around. Dropping the ban on corporate contributions would ease the task of raising the tens of millions of dollars needed to pay for celebratory events that have become a fixture of presidential inaugurations.

They also describe the inauguration as more of a civic event than a partisan political affair. Just as corporations underwrite museum exhibits that provide a public service, they should be permitted to pay for various inaugural events, these people said, adding the donations can help limit the cost of inaugural events to taxpayers.

Oh, yeah. Paying for a museum exhibit is the same as an inaugural party because, in the former, corporations get access to the powerful, influential unwashed masses pouring through the gates of a museum, which is exactly the same access they are seeking when they fund an inaugural event to rub shoulders with the president of the United States or members of Congress.

Please, I need to pick myself off the ground because I fainted from laughing so hard.

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