DHL Attacking Workers

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Somehow there is a bad seed out there in the air freight business. Way back in 2005, I wrote about the bad boys at FedEx. Now, DHL is at it–attacking its workers in Turkey.

The info comes from the International Transport Workers Federation:

DHL Turkey is attempting to destroy the hard-won representation within the company of ITF-affiliate Tumtis by forcing its workers to join a newly-established union, according to reports Tumtis has received and eye-witness accounts from its own officials.

In a January 14th letter from Paddy Crumlin, president of the ITF, and Joe De Bruyn, World President of UNI Global Union, to Dr. Frank Appel, the CEO of Deutsche Post AG, which owns DHL, Crumlin, and De Bruyn, reassert the strong support for the TUMTIS union.

 “We are particularly concerned by the emergence of fresh evidence that at this very moment workers at DHL in Samsun, Istanbul and Ankara are indeed being forced to join a newly formed union, Tasima Is and are being threatened with dismissal. This represents nothing less than a further active effort by DHL to obstruct workers from joining a union of their own choice,” the letter states.

In addition, Crumlin and De Bruyn make clear that they will continue to pursue a case against DHL for violating the OECD Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises. “The ITF, UNI and our affiliates firmly back TÜMTIS in their campaign to organise and represent workers at DHL and will continue to monitor the development of the situation carefully,” they write.

The full letter is here.

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