Facebook Really Does “Like” You…As It Fleeces You, The Taxpayer

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A big smooch to you from Facebook, oh unsuspecting citizen. No, it’s not a new wrinkle that will drive you mad on your profile page. It’s the usual: Facebook just “likes” you to pieces for your personal generosity. Your Facebook tax giveaway generosity.

You would think that Mark Zuckerberg would feel rich enough. But, hey, even the younger rich members of the geek generation is a greedy bunch, just like their predecessors, as the Citizens for Tax Justice shows us:

Last year at this time, CTJ predicted, based on Facebook’s IPO paperwork, the company would get a federal tax refund in 2012 approaching $500 million, and the company’s SEC filing this month tells us we were right: Facebook is reporting a $429 million net tax refund from the federal and state treasuries. And it’s not because they weren’t profitable. Indeed, Mark Zuckerburg’s little company earned nearly $1.1 billion in profits.


Facebook’s income tax refunds stem from the company’s use of a single tax break, that is the tax deductibility of executive stock options. That tax break reduced Facebook’s federal and state income taxes by $1,033 million in 2012, including refunds of earlier years’ taxes of $451 million.

The whole two-pager is here.

Looks like Facebook will lead the way for generations to come of corporate leaders who care more about their personal wealth than about the good of the country.

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