Field Makes a Big Difference

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The fun part of an election is not listening to the idiots on television or obsessing about polling — those are not things that win elections. It’s the knocking on doors that matters. And that’s why, personally, I don’t worry much about Election Day.

Check this out. Field office stats:

 Ohio РObama 137, Romney 39; Nevada РObama 27, Romney 12; Iowa РObama 68, Romney 14; Florida РObama 106, Romney 52; Virginia РObama 63, Romney 32; Colorado РObama 65, Romney 14; Wisconsin РObama 39, Romney 24; North Carolina РObama 55, Romney 24; and New Hampshire: Obama 24, Romney 9.

It’s not just Election Day. Those numbers reflect touching voters for months — at the doors, in the streets and on the phones.


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