Hiking Taxes Alright With The People

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This is not entirely surprising, at least if you spend the time to talk to people and show a little courage: People do not mind raising taxes — if it’s done for the right reasons and if the burden is put in the right place. That’s what the 2012 elections showed.

I’m going to continue to spend a lot of time focusing on the moronic bi-partisan obsession over the debt and deficit “crisis”. For today, here is something encouraging courtesy of the Citizens for Tax Justice:

According to the official exit polls on Election Day a combined 60 percent of voters support increasing taxes, with 47 percent supporting an increase in taxes on those making over $250,000 and 13 percent supporting a tax increase on everyone. Barely one third of voters think no one’s taxes should be increased. This support for higher taxes reinforces the fact that only small minority (21 percent) support the disastrous spending cuts-only approach to deficit reduction, as represented by the debt ceiling deal. [emphasis added]

I don’t believe we have to cut at all, frankly. The entire frame of this “problem” is a product of bond holders and the financial elite who prefer fiscal discipline over actually making sure people have jobs. So, I would quibble with the good people at CTJ for counter-posing the idea that the only problem is a cuts-only approach, as opposed to we should raise taxes on the wealthiest to fund new programs, jobs and a whole host of other initiatives.

But, that said, CTJ does point out that people are entirely fine raising taxes. I don’t deny the wild success of the right-wing’s 30-40 year hammering of the progressive tax system — aided and abetted by too many Democrats. But, obviously, a lot of people are ahead of the political leadership.

Let’s see how takes this and fights for tax hikes.

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