Is The Democratic Party For NRA Blood Money, Or For Children?

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To make the point again, this is a very, very simple equation: eliminate the scourge of the NRA, drain the swamp of its blood money and you stop the murder of children. Period. And so the question that must be asked of at least the Democratic Party: what is the party going to do to destroy the NRA’s ability to keep advancing an agenda that promotes gun mayhem in the streets and the murder of children and other innocent people?

As I pointed out the day of the Newtown murders, there is a rouges gallery of political whores who take the NRA’s blood money. The overwhelming majority by far are Republicans. Which makes the task of the Democratic Party very simple and politically practical (yes, it is sick and twisted that you have to make an argument that there is a political advantage to taking this step but, we live in the world we live in): no member of the party will accept a single dime from the NRA.

Of course, this being the United States of America, where the Supreme Court has already endorsed the complete buying and selling of democracy through political contributions (See: Citizens United), any member of Congress can take blood money from any scum. BUT: the party has the ability to cut that person off from every aspect of political support: no fundraising help, no voter mobilization help. The party’s leaders can remove any person from a committee chairmanship. And the party can tacitly, or explicitly, support primary challenges to any Democrat taking NRA blood money.

So, here’s a petition. Maybe people will pick up on and circulate it somewhere:

To: Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Richard Durbin

We, the undersigned, petition you, and the rest of the leaders of the Democratic Party, to immediately declare a ban on all NRA money, either to individual Members or Party organizations.

We demand that you declare that any Member accepting NRA money will be entirely cut off from every aspect of Party support, from fundraising to access to mailing lists to any voter data or mobilization or get-out-the-vote support.

Further, we demand that any Democratic Party Member of Congress that accepts NRA blood money be immediately stripped of position as chair of a committee or ranking member.

Unless these steps are taken, we, the undersigned, pledge not to donate to the Party in any fashion.

In the real world, this is pretty easy to do. In Congress, unfortunately, the talk of “marginal seats” and “power” and “majority” and all the other shit are more important than the murder of children.

The murder will only stop when the NRA is put out of business.



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