On Booker and Hagel

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My bullshit radar is working overtime, triggered by two different dust-ups in the political world. I find myself feeling sympathetic to two people who I don’t particularly like or share much in the way of political philosophies.

Chuck Hagel. Ah, the pro-Israel lobby is just salivating here. Banging this guy over criticizing, god forbid, Israel. I couldn’t give a hoot about whether Hagel is confirmed — he’s a perfect nominee for the president, and I think that’s pretty sad. But, I do know that if he’s confirmed, the pro-Israel forces are going to extract its pound of flesh and the message will be strengthened: beware to anyone who says anything negative about Israel because you will pay a political price. And that is a tragedy.

And, then, there’s Cory Booker. I’m not sure what his politics are, frankly, other than how to build a political career. BUT…the idea that people are attacking him for, god forbid, thinking about a primary against an 89-year old do-nothing — Frank Lautenberg — makes me think: go, Cory. Nobody should be allowed to think that it’s an affront to run in a primary. It’s democracy, baby.

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