Phony Crisis is Big Business

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Wanna make a lot of money? Gin up a phony crisis and, presto, the money rolls in.

Stupidity pays:

The Campaign to Fix the Debt has had the most stratospheric rise. By far the most high-profile group to come out of the fiscal crisis, the group has grown to 80 employees, anticipates having 22 state offices online soon with new operations in Arizona, Indiana, Utah, Minnesota and Louisiana and is about to announce 2,500 small-business leaders have joined the campaign.

While the lobbying has been left largely to its president, Maya MacGuineas, and its CEO members so far to press their case on Capitol Hill, the coalition is also looking to bring on additional manpower in its legislative strategy team, according to sources familiar with the organization.

“Our intention is to build the largest grass-roots mobilization campaign on this issue,” said Fix the Debt spokesman Jon Romano. “We firmly believe in a campaign built on an in-house campaign. The press shop is here, we have a rapid response team, folks that are focused on national TV and radio and a daily national team.”

The coalition, which has raised $42 million by engaging CEOs to write checks for as much as $1 million is also outsourcing some of its workload. [emphasis added]


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