Screaming At People and Weight: Christie’s Leadership Deficit

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I honestly don’t care if Chris Christie is fat. I don’t care much about him in general. But, it is fascinating that the media discussion over his weight issues fails to make what seems to be a logical point about the danger of handing someone like Christie any power: he shows a pattern of lack of self control.

In case you missed the really important news (does my sarcasm come through?):

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, whose long struggle with obesity has been raised as a political liability, secretly underwent weight-loss surgery three months ago, according to a statement from his office on Tuesday.

Why don’t we try to make obvious connections. Christie rose to fame because of his reputation of being a “straight talker”. But, mostly, “straight talker” translates into images of him screaming back at people whose opinions he does not like. That makes him appear genuine, in the media’s view.

But, screaming back at people, whether you are being “honest” or whether it’s a contrived act, shows a lack of self-control.

Not being able to control your weight is no different than not being able to control your emotions when dealing with voters, and other people.

Does anyone want someone leading the country — deciding on matters of war and peace, dealing with world leaders, with Congress — who is not capable of controlling himself?

I think the answer is obvious.

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