Simple Reason Republicans Are Losing: They’re Nuts

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You can try to divine the various political strategies — from ad campaigns to get-out-the-vote operations — to try to understand how the election is going to turn out. But, one simple fact is the most persuasive: the Republican Party is filled with nuts.

Democrats have lots of rotten apples inside the party, from corporate-loving, free-market ideologues to not very smart, pretty lame people (some day I’ll make a list of just the ones I’ve had personal contact with…the head hurts). But, as a rule, they aren’t crazy.

Republicans, on the other hand, I mean, c’mon, the party is rife with lunatics.

Example #1: by all political measures, the Democrats should be on the ropes when it comes to the race to control the Senate. And, as most of those people who have followed this for a year know, the Republicans were better than even-money to win enough seats for the majority. Claire McCaskill was roadkill waiting to happen in Missouri and Joe Donnelly should not have been particularly competitive in Indiana.

Except, welcome to the world of Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock who, respectively, believe that pregnancy rarely results from cases of “legitimate rape.”and that God intended for pregnancies to occur after rape. Bingo. Nuts.

Example #2: when a party still considers Newt Gingrich’s ravings to be legitimate substitutes for policy, instead of buffoonery worth of mocking, then, you understand: the party is nuts.

Example #3: when the — and I use the following word with a heavy dose of sarcasm — intellectual heft of the party is represented by, among others, Michelle Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Dick Morris and, oh, the other bat-shit crazy talking head Michelle what’s-her-‘name, the party is nuts. These are mentally ill, crazy, lunatics.

Example #4: a party that is deeply committed to climate change denial is nuts — not to mention dangerous.

I can go on. So, my own view is that this election was over months ago. Not because of the up-and-down jobs reports, the various videos or Sandy. Rather, the Republican Party will not win the White House because, despite a vulnerable incumbent, a lot of people who aren’t partisans are just scared to death of a party that is filled with leaders and candidates who are just very crazy, nutty people.

It is why my favorite sound bite from the entire election has been from Bill Maher who suggested that the Democratic Party’s most powerful slogan should be: “Vote for us! Were lame, but the others are nuts”

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