Work Less, Better For The Planet

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No more “I ate bad food last night” or “the kid kept me up at night with a fever” as excuses to stay away from work. It’s to save the planet I’m staying home.

I’m just being cheeky a bit. Because there are really solid reasons to reduce work, including it would be better for the planet, as the Center for Economic and Policy Research points out in a new study:

It finds that such a change in work hours would eliminate about one-quarter to one-half of the global warming that is not already locked in (i.e. warming that would be caused by 1990 levels of greenhouse gas concentrations already in the atmosphere).

The study itself is a little wonky — a little? No a lot — but the basic idea is pretty simple: if we consume less and are not driven to produce more, since production means driving to work, having factories operate and more waste produced, then, logically, our footprint on the planet is “softer”.

Okay, everyone to the beach!

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