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The Audacity of Timidity: Where Is The Challenge To Market Fundamentalism?

In the midst of the 2008 presidential election campaign, I looked at  then-Sen. Barack Obama’s economic views and whether he would challenge Market Fundamentalism. Millions of workers needed a president who would re-imagine and restructure the power relationships in our economy, the role of the market and, most important, forge a path to reclaim economic fairness and economic justice that has eluded the average American for several generations. He turned out to be a president consistent with his previous economic views.

Lost in the Margins: Labor and the Media:

In 1990, my study found that the lives of 100 million working people—those who make the US economy and society run—were being routinely ignored, marginalized or inaccurately portrayed in the media. Although reporting about working people and organized labor had declined since the early 1960s, the last 10 years saw an accelerated drop–and nothing has improved since 1990.


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