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Bernie Marks Pope Visit…By Joining Striking Workers

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The Pope and Bernie Sanders share something: concern for the poor and a sharp critique of capitalism, as well as no fondness for the Wall Street class which funds virtually every other candidate, including the presumed front-runner. While others jostle for tickets to be in the picture with the Pope, Bernie’s hitting the streets with the very people he is campaigning to defend.

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On The Road With Bernie in New Hampshire (Mostly Pics)

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Long day in New Hampshire Saturday (after 10-hour, 3-leg journey from Seattle…don’t ask…) so just getting around to this…I was at the New Hampshire state Democratic Party convention, and, then, later at an event at the Manchester Bernie headquarters where, among other things, Bernie received the endorsement of the local postal workers union.

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Dear Joe: We’re Happy With Bernie

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There’s been a lot of Joe Biden news–will he run?–and one of the things that has been clear to me is that a significant part of the conversation is being driven by elite, traditional media and the insiders of the Democratic Party who (a) are petrified–in the latter’s case–that the “presumed front-runner”, if she is the nominee, will lose the White House (and potentially open the door to 1-3 more right-wing Supreme Court nominees and (b) are petrified–in both cases–that Bernie’s movement is going to leave them outside the money trough they all suck off.

A question: would Biden drain Bernie’s support? Nah.

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The Stock Market Plunge: Why Bernie’s Plan For Social Security Rocks & Why Mass Unionization Rocks

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Trillions of dollars lost, pensions ravaged, retired people who can’t pay to stay in retirement homes, peoples’ futures wrecked…that was so financial crisis days, huh?

But, if there is ever a moment to remember what a very stupid idea privatizing Social Security is, and why Bernie Sanders’ plan to expand and strengthen Social Security is so important, this is it. A teachable moment.

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Scott Walker-Hillary Clinton Rich Donors Share Something: Lapping Up Corporate Welfare

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You could find many instances like these if you do a little comparison between rich donors: there is virtually no shame, nor any hesitancy, by wealthy donors who fund just about every presidential candidate–with the exception of Bernie Sanders (though, by all means, prove me wrong on Sanders)–to put their hands in the pockets of taxpayers for their own wealth and enrichment.

Follow the bouncing ball…

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Manslaughter Indictment For Killer Of Carlos Moncayo. Now We’re Talking #WorkersLivesMatter

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Every day, a worker dies somewhere just doing his or her job. And that death rate hits hard particularly communities of color and immigrants because many work in industries and jobs with low pay and very sketchy safety practices.

This is murder at work, the human “cost of doing business” in the glorious “free market”–except there is very little cost to the company. And usually the managers and CEOs skate, getting a fine or some other slap-on-the-wrist.

Those who wear the burden are the family members of the murdered worker.

In this sea of injustice, a glimmer of justice beckons from New York.