Episode 10: Burn The Planet–The Four Horsemen of the Climate Change Apocalypse Ride!

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I recently¬† coined a term: “The Four Horsemen of the Climate Change Apocalypse”. That refers to the climate-change deniers who are ready to act as the arsonists of the planet: Trump, Rex Tillerson, Rick Perry and Scott Pruitt. In this podcast, I look at these dangerous people and talk with a national climate change expert, Daphne Wysham.

I also keep us up-to-date on the race to be chair of the Democratic National Committee. I spoke with the only woman candidate (so far) Sally Boynton Brown, Executive Director of the Idaho Democratic Party. While I support Keith Ellison, I’m committed to giving other candidates a chance to explain, on this podcast, their vision for a different Democratic Party.

The podcast wraps up with the Robber Barons of the week: Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse.

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