Episode 12–Boom! The Revolution Is Alive and Well: Berniecrats Storm The California Democratic Party

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Yes, friends, taking over the Democratic Party is far from a mirage. Over the course of two days, the political revolution showed it has bite and balls: Berniecrats, and other progressives, won more than 600 seats—over 50 percent of the seats in play—in elections to fill slots for the California Democratic Party state committee.

In the new Working Life podcast, I was on the ground in the state, and I have some eye-witness reporting from the elections and conversations with Berniecrats who helped sweep all the seats in San Luis Obispo—and you will hear the secrets to organizing that make these victories doable in other states.

Wrapping it up: the regular Robber Barons segment sticks it to the corrupt health sickness industry (we don’t call it “health care” around here).

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