Episode 14: National Democratic Party Fight Heating Up, But The Action Is Local, Too

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In about one month, a new chair of the Democratic National Committee will be chosen. As part of my on-going series of conversations with the candidates, I speak with New Hampshire state chair Raymond Buckley who has some pretty tough things to say about the DNC.

You can go back to hear previous interviews with candidates at our archive.

But, just as a recent podcast reported on progressive sweeps in California party politics, I’m even more interested in local organizing so I wander down to Florida to chat with Stacey Patel, a Bernicrat who rode her new-found political activism all the way to winning the post of Democratic party chair of Brevard County. Stacy’s experience is a lesson for thousands of other people thinking about taking charge of politics in their communities.

We wrap up by tagging some banking CEOs as the Robber Barons of the week.

(Extra Bonus this week: I wrote a piece for CNN.com arguing that, purely from a bottom-line economic analysis, single-payer, “Medicare for All” health care should be supported by every CEO in the country…check it out here)

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