Episode 17: Get Sick and Die…Or Hug “Medicare For All”

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Here’s what the political class offers the people as health care options: the Republican “who cares if you die as long as the free market lives” versus saving the Affordable Care Act which delivers huge new profits to the corrupt insurance industry. Seriously?

So, it’s a good time for us to go in-depth on the only real, moral and economically sane solution: single-payer, “Medicare for All”. I devote the whole podcast to a conversation with one of the nation’s long-time leading experts on single-payer. In the podcast, I refer to an article for CNN.com in which I urge every CEO in the country to embrace single-payer because it would unburden companies of massive health care costs. Here’s the piece.

And sticking to the theme, our Robber Barons segment shines a light on the enormous pay of the CEOs of the medical industrial complex.

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