Episode 19: The DNC Motto: To Hell With the Iceberg, It’s The Russians Fault!!!

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Forget the election for chair of the Democratic National Committee. The most astonishing part of the debate at the recent DNC big meeting in Atlanta was…there was no real debate. Or, when there was, it wasn’t to be honest about the crisis in the party. Nope—it was either to accuse the Russians or to defeat a move to ban corporate money from the party. Woohoo!

So, to hell with that: I spoke with three people—the founder of the #DemEnter movement; a Bernicrat who is now a Democratic state party chair after running a campaign against the insiders; and, I welcomed back Nina Turner to give her take on the DNC meeting and the future.

Our Robber Barons of the week hail from the media industry.

BONUS! I wrote a piece for The Hill newspaper called, “Will Tom Perez bring the real change the Democratic Party needs?”

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