Episode 27: 100 Days of Craziness, Bigotry and Bad Stuff

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I dig into the Top 10 really bad things that have happened so far in Donald Trump’s reign, focusing on workers, and the issues we care about in the political revolution. It’s all an easy-to-understand conversation with my expert guest, Heidi Shierholz, Senior Economist and Director of Policy at the Economic Policy Institute.

I also talk about American Exceptionalism—as promised in the podcast, I’m linking to the piece I wrote here.

We wrap up with our Robber Baron of the week, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer who was just showered with another $186 million that she will pocket—after failing miserably.

BONUS!!! On a recent obsession of mine, I have a piece just posted today on the Los Angeles Times web site entitled “How a California Public Bank could fix the freeways, send kids to college and ambush Wall Street”.


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