Episode 33: Did Democratic Party Insiders In California Steal An Election…Again?

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“Politically speaking, you will be murdered and we will personally take part in murdering you”…that was the message Kimberly Ellis heard from her “sisters” in the California Democratic Party when she began running for the chairmanship of the party. And the “murder” took place—possibly through voter fraud.

In her first extensive interview since the election on May 20th, Ellis tells me the whole story—why she decided to run, how the campaign built a massive, sophisticated operation, and came to the convention with hard numbers showing a comfortable victory in hand and, instead, watched as the election, she believes, was stolen by the establishment candidate Eric Bauman in a razor-thin contest.

You have to wonder: if the election was fair and honest, why is Bauman, who has claimed victory, refusing to have an independent audit of an election in which almost 3,000 ballots were cast with just 62 votes separating the two candidates?

The national party, I point out, better take notice because many progressive activists still do not trust the party establishment, and have not forgotten the unethical behavior of disgraced DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz who undeniably manipulated the 2016 presidential primary process.

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