Episode 38: Ivanka Reaps A Fortune From Slave Labor. Welcome To The New KleptoGriftocracy

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KleptoGriftocracy: it’s my new word to describe the unusual Trump “brand”, which, when you boil it down, really is just a family of grifters trying to build a kleptocracy in government. In this podcast, I dig deep into the dark side of the Trump KleptoGriftocracy, focusing on Ivanka Trump’s use of slave labor in China to make a fortune. And she doesn’t seem to care. We’re shocked, shocked, right? And our Robber Baron of the week, then, is obvious: Ivanka.

As discussed in the podcast, here are some links:

China Labor Watch’s letter to Ivanka Trump (it starts on page 6 of the document).

From The Guardian’s Benjamin Haas:

Activists investigating Ivanka Trump’s China shoe factory detained or missing

Chinese labour activist says he was arrested due to factory’s Trump links


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