Episode 47: Real Health Care Takes A Big Step Forward

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It’s not going to happen tomorrow or even next year. But, the day when insurance companies are no longer bankrupting people every single day because of outrageous premiums is drawing closer.

Today, Bernie Sanders will unveil a “Medicare For All” bill that rockets the conversation about universal health care to a new level. And he won’t be standing alone: more than a dozen Democratic Senators have endorsed the bill, with the pressure building on others to do the same.

I talk with a policy expert who has been on the front lines of the single-payer, “Medicare for All” battle going back to the 1990s when Rep. John Conyers laid down a comprehensive proposal that now has 117 cosponsors in the House. I also talk to a minister who is pushing single-payer at the grassroots in North Carolina.

Our Robber Baron of the week is the Hurricane Irma price-gouging airline industry.

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