Episode 59: If A Pedophile, Why Not A Killer of Miners? And Other Tales of Workers Lives At Risk.

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Don Blankenship, the coal CEO robber baron, served a year in prison for his central role in a conspiracy that killed 29 miners in a massive 2010 mine explosion. Because workers’ lives don’t matter in our legal system, Blankenship could only be convicted of a misdemeanor violation, not manslaughter or murder.

But, hey, when a party is willing to crown a pedophile, what are a few miners’ deaths to stand in the way: Blankenship is running for the Republican nomination for US Senate in West Virginia. I have the low-down on how the miners died.

I am, then, joined by Marianela Acuna Arreaza, executive director of Fe y Justicia Worker Center, to dig into the threat to the health of day laborers cleaning up after Hurricane Harvey. I wrap up with Mara Ortenburger of Worksafe who gives us insight into worker injuries at Tesla.

Our Robber Baron is, yup, Don Blankenship.


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