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Bernie Gets 2/3 Labor Union Delegate Vote, And Some Space To Work For AFL-CIO Nod

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I had heard, now leaking out to the media, that the AFL-CIO will not rush to endorse anyone in the Democratic primary. This is good news for Bernie Sanders, and not so good for those on the Chipotle-eating circuit. It gives Bernie more time to show a hard-edged practical reason–as opposed to the obvious “I’d actually take on Wall Street and be good for unions”–for the AFL-CIO to support him, and it also gives more time for the Chipotle-eating crowd to show that, hey, we’re actually like regular, working people (though probably not “dead broke” like real people).

Who Would Immigrants Trust?

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On the list today of no-brainer questions and answers: If you are an undocumented immigrant working for a low wage, would you trust the Chamber of Commerce or the AFL-CIO to look after your interests. Ok, on to a tougher question…