Until Bankers Go To Jail, I’m Not Paying My Taxes: Splendid Idea, Greg Wise and Emma Thompson

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Let me give credit, up front, to a splendid idea from the actors Greg Wise and Emma Thompson that clarified my own outrage at a simple reality: the bankers destroyed the economy with their greed and incompetence, the Obama Administration lets each bank CEO off the hook with a negotiated deal for a fine that the institution, not the banker pays, and with no jail time for a single high-ranking Wall Streeter and WE PAY FOR THIS.

That’s right: each one of us, with our taxes, pays for this sleazy deal with the financial elite.

Mozilo Hasn’t Paid Yet

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A problem that I’ve been writing about for several years is the grim reality that the top bankers and Wall Street guys, who were responsible for the financial crisis, have never been out in jail–and jailing these guys is the only way that there is a chance that the same thing won’t happen again. Which brings us to the story of Angelo Mozilo.

Will ANY Democrats Say A Word About Dimon’s Huge Pay Hike?

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The silence is pretty amazing. The man most responsible, or at least, a central player, in the greatest financial crisis in generations–a crisis that cost tens of millions of people around the globe their jobs and their futures–gets a whopping RAISE…and not a single political leader has stood up to challenge the generosity of the “free market”. This is corruption writ large. And, yet, not a word from the White House, not a word from any figures, future presidential candidates or otherwise, to take on what is a big middle finger to the entire American public.