Schneiderman Sues Barclays For FRAUD

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This won’t put any of the bankers in jail–a place some of them still belong–because its only a civil suit. But, glad to see this from New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman: he’s suing Barclays for fraud.

JP Morgan Execs MUST BE JAILED, No Deals

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It is great that JP Morgan has been sued–and congrats to NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. But, we’ve seen this picture before: suits are filed and the executives who committed fraud or financial crimes or misconduct are NEVER–NEVER–held accountable. If we want real change–not phony, uplifting change–these people must go to jail. NO DEALS.

Bank of America’s Execs Get $2 Billion Stay-Out-Of Jail Card

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Hey, Bank of America shareholder, how does it feel to have the executives deceive investors (in other words, lie), escape any personal responsibility for the lies, cause huge losses and, then, stick YOU with a bill for over $2 BILLION? Well, probably not a great feeling but, screw you, you are just an investor, not a coddled, overpaid executive who just got handed a stay-out-of-jail card.