It’s Not Hard To End Corporate Tax Dodging (Inversions): A Roadmap For Congress/White House

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It isn’t complicated and it’s not rocket science. The thievery underway in the form of corporate tax inversions can be stopped if there was a will to do so. It’s a problem with three easy-to-describe pieces–and some pretty straightforward solutions. The issue is: does the White House, beyond an election-year messaging stunt, really want to stop the robbery of the American taxpayer?

Corp Tax Evading And Fleeing The Country? Fine, Kiss Your Federal Dollars Good-Bye

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Corporate tax inversions are getting a lot of ink now (thanks largely to the heavy lifting done by the Levin brothers–Carl in the Senate, Sander in the House, and Citizens for Tax Justice…not, respectfully, by the celebrity of the moment). The president has even spoken out a bit, though we will see whether that’s just mid-term elections political rhetoric. But, a related move is now on the agenda and I love the name: No Federal Contracts for Corporate Deserters Act.

Obama: Companies “cherry-picking the rules, and it damages the country’s finances”

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I detect a president who thinks he’s found a very potent political argument. Having gone soft on the bankers, letting all the big fish skate after wrecking the economy, the president has figured out that people just won’t stand for a tax system that leaves regular people holding the tab while CEOs figure out how to screw the public, day after day. And, so, he’s now personally calling for an end to so-called tax “inversions”

Levin Wants To Shut Off The Corporate Offshore Thievery

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The corporate thieves running U.S.-based corporations are just counting the days until Carl Levin heads off to retirement at the end of this term. It was Levin, you may recall, who looked at Goldman Sachs and saw “a financial snake pit rife with greed, conflicts of interest, and wrongdoing”. And he isn’t letting go: he’s now moving to try to close a loophole that will put billions of dollars in taxable corporate profits into offshore accounts, a scam that robs the people of revenue.

Lloyd’s Good Life

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Hey, no big deal — you run a company rife with conflicts of interest, you help crater the economy, costing millions of jobs and trillions of dollars in wealth…and you keep racking up more and more money. Life is good for Lloyd Blankfein.