Baucus IDEAL China Ambassador: He Is Fluent In Corporate Shillism

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Really, people are being grossly unfair to Max Baucus, wondering why someone who doesn’t speak Chinese would qualify to serve as ambassador. But, c’mon people, focus on the important lingo Baucus brings to the table: it would be hard to find another Democratic elected official who speaks such fluent corporate shillism…The man has got a perfect pitch. But, there is a silver lining.

The Vicious Global Circle

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A basic economic truism: if people don’t have money to spend, stuff won’t get bought. Sounds like a Yogi Berra observation? Anyway, it’s just another day showing why the idiots running economic policy are, well, idiots.

The China-Bangladesh Connection

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Gee, scratch your head. Hundreds of people die in a horrific garment factory fire in Bangladesh. Then, just yesterday, 120 people die in a poultry factory in China. Is there a connection? Of course.


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A few of us have never bought the idea that the world economy has recovered from the financial crisis—mainly because people were struggling to make ends meet before the crisis. Add to that a mind-boggling obsession to impose austerity on the very people are struggling and, presto, you have the perfect storm for a mess. And just in the past 24 hours we get a flavor of this.