When You Hit That Pothole This Weekend, Thank Corporate GREED

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For the millions of people hitting the road at this very hour, and in the hours to come, it’s going to be a bumpy journey, crashing through potholes after pothole, rutted road after rutted road, and creaky bridge after creaky bridge–all thanks to the dismal shape of the country’s infrastructure (which gets a D+ from the American Society of Civil Engineers). No doubt, drivers will curse a whole list of people–but a small wager that few give up a few choice words for a big culprit: corporate greed.

Levin Wants To Shut Off The Corporate Offshore Thievery

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The corporate thieves running U.S.-based corporations are just counting the days until Carl Levin heads off to retirement at the end of this term. It was Levin, you may recall, who looked at Goldman Sachs and saw “a financial snake pit rife with greed, conflicts of interest, and wrongdoing”. And he isn’t letting go: he’s now moving to try to close a loophole that will put billions of dollars in taxable corporate profits into offshore accounts, a scam that robs the people of revenue.

Fortune 500 Stashing $2 TRILLION Overseas, Dodging $550 Billion In Taxes, The People Pay The Tab

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Big money. Two trillion dollars. If you could touch it, it would reach…oh, I dunno, I’m not going to tell you how high that stack would go and, actually, the point is, you can’t touch it: it’s stashed overseas. In corporate bank accounts. But, here’s the beauty: if you want to know what it feels when the Fortune 500 fleece the country to the tune of $550 billion in dodged taxes on that $2 trillion hiding in foreign bank accounts, just pull out your billfold…empty…well, that’s cuz the tab for that fleecing is on YOU.

The President’s Tax Gift To Corporations Is Just Class Warfare Redux

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With one hand, he giveth a few dollars to the people, and with the other hand, he showers huge corporations with a tax gift that is astounding in its…audacity? That’s how I suggest you can look at the president’s executive order to pay more workers overtime (a good thing) versus his budget proposal to…pay attention now..CUT corporate tax rates.

NOT BREAKING: Corporations “Pay Little or No Federal Income Taxes”

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It’s new data but not a new revelation because this bit of news is nothing we haven’t already become accustomed to. Corporations are robbing the country, robbing because corporations pocket profits made possible from all the investments in human and physical capital made thanks to taxes regular people pay but the same corporations do squat when it comes to paying a fair share.

How Goldman Sachs Closes Libraries, Attacks Seniors and You

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Goldman Sachs is one of the great predators in modern day society. I’m still waiting for the day when Goldman’s top executives face criminal indictments over the financial crisis scam — and I suspect I will keep waiting since the Obama Administration shows no inclination to go over the big bankers and Wall Street people who finance modern-day campaigns. But, as a side scam, Goldman is fleecing every taxpayer in America — and helping close schools and destroy the social safety net.

Faux Toughness

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It’s a tad better but still I remain unimpressed by the UBS felony conviction. Because the big fish are still not in jail.

The Fear Of Speaking Truth

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Where do you start to comment when you read a piece that is, at best, deeply spineless, and, at worse, completely clueless? We cease to be surprised by the relentless foolishness on the part of the transcribers of press releases (formerly called “journalists”). But, though I am not surprised, I can’t let these things go. In this case, it’s a dumb piece called, “Standard of Living Is in the Shadows as Election Issue”.