TPP-Loving Democrats (Read: POTUS) Help DRIVE Inequality

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Excuse me while we interrupt the hocus-pocus exercise of throwing a meager bone to a few workers on the minimum wage (a proposal, by the way, that is pathetic at $10.10 an hour) to point out: the few cents you think you are putting into a person’s left pocket by hiking a smidgen the minimum wage you are, then, yanking out of that person’s right pocket a whole lot more by promoting the horrendous Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its malignant so-called “free trade” predecessors.

Will ANY Democrats Say A Word About Dimon’s Huge Pay Hike?

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The silence is pretty amazing. The man most responsible, or at least, a central player, in the greatest financial crisis in generations–a crisis that cost tens of millions of people around the globe their jobs and their futures–gets a whopping RAISE…and not a single political leader has stood up to challenge the generosity of the “free market”. This is corruption writ large. And, yet, not a word from the White House, not a word from any figures, future presidential candidates or otherwise, to take on what is a big middle finger to the entire American public.

The Democrats Have Already Given In

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The typical theme you might read in the papers goes something like this: the off-their-rocker Republicans (and they are) shut down the government because of a maniacal obsessive hate of Obamacare but the president and Democrats, particularly in the Senate, are just tough bastards and are holding the line. The problem is: the Democrats have already given in when you look at the big picture.

White Flag of Surrender on Taxes–By Democrats

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This is not another analysis or observation focusing on the strategy and tactics that led to the deal just made on taxes. I was bored by the whole debate weeks ago because, frankly, it missed a much more central fact: the Democratic Party long ago gave up the fight over having a sensible tax rate for the richest people.

A Lie About Taxes–And A Reason Democrats Fail

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Elections don’t happen in a reality created in one debate, or even one election season. People think about things– emotionally — in ways that reflect being propagandized to over many years. And that brings us to taxes– and a reason Democrats lose elections and, when they win, they often drag us in the same poor policy direction.

Letting the Rich Escape

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   If this is true, Obama is done: The parties are looking for ways to include smaller tax increases than Democrats had previously sought but more than Republicans want. In …

Coddle Wall St, Lose Elections

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   People sometimes repeat certain phrases because they’ve heard them used repeatedly when they actually want to say something else, even if they aren’t conscious. Or, put another way–if you …

Three Grand Myths

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Last week, I posted a piece, suggesting that the current crisis was really about us and the lack of a movement, not about Obama. A number of people reacted, in …