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A few of us have never bought the idea that the world economy has recovered from the financial crisis—mainly because people were struggling to make ends meet before the crisis. Add to that a mind-boggling obsession to impose austerity on the very people are struggling and, presto, you have the perfect storm for a mess. And just in the past 24 hours we get a flavor of this.

Austerity Hurts The Mind and The Body

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Austerity is a bad thing. As I’ve pointed out before, when an economy is suffering from lower demand, the last thing you want to do is squeeze the pocketbooks of the very people who you want to have out there spending money. But, here’s another thing: it makes you sick. Literally.

The Week in Headlines

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            President’s Mother-In-Law Says Stimulus Package Isn’t Good Enough;                             Wishes President Were More …

The World Is Slowing Down

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   Other people are feeling the pain, so says The Wall Street Journal: The global economy — which had long remained resilient despite U.S. weakness — is now slowing significantly, …