In The Category of “Duh”…And The Omission

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That the whole phony debt crisis has been driven by people with deep ties to business interests and the elite will not come as a surprise to people who read this blog — I’ve been pointing this out for a long time. It’s not a hidden secret — just one the transcribers of press releases (formerly known as “journalists”) don’t care to mention very often. So, today, there is an exception to the rule — with one glaring omission.

The Fix-The-Debt Gang Is A Gaggle of Thieves

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One of the most grating parts about the Fix-The-Debt crowd is their sanctimoniousness — only *they* care about the country and only *they* know the truth and everyone else is an idiot and blind. The truth is this is a gang of phonies — led by the corporate hacks named Bowles and Simpson — who have an ideological hatred of anything that smells of a “social good” and mostly standout for the amount of riches they’ve siphoned off from various companies or investments they’ve tapped into. And here is hard evidence.