On TPP Jobs Claims, The President Gets Four Pinocchios–Biggest Fib Possible–From The Elite Media

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So, you really have to work hard at lying or fibbing or misstating the facts to get the traditional media elites to come down hard on you when it comes to so-called “Free trade”. Those elites have been cheerleaders for the rancid NAFTA-style trade deals going back three decades. But, the president has earned it when it comes to his claims about job benefits in the Trans Pacific Partnership: Four Pinocchios, considered “whoppers”, from The Washington Post

The White House’s 10 Big Lies To Congress About The TPP

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I start from the basic presumption that the president, and most of the people who work for him, are very, very smart people. So, when the president’s point person on the Trans Pacific Partnership, U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman, marches up to Capitol to testify on the TPP and gives false information, you can only conclude that he’s lying and intentionally misleading Congress. That’s the upshot of what happened on Tuesday.

This Trade Deal Will Make You Sick, Maybe Give You Mad Cow Disease…Or Kill You Fast

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The president just keeps spending our money, his time and a chunk of political capital on the putrid Trans Pacific Partnership, one of the newest corporate-backed trade deal–“newest” because every trade deal since NAFTA has been all about protecting corporate interests. Nothing seems to move this president to understand that this is a horrendous deal. And, while a lot of focus has been paid to the TPP, another very bad deal is in the works between the U.S. and Europe–and it will potentially make millions of people sick. Or kill them.

Kaboom…TPP Bogus Promises Just Collapsed In A Heap

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It’s sort of a tiring exercise. Each time some so-called “free trade” deal comes up, the president at the time (read: Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama) trots out a whole series of phony arguments to make the case for a very bad agreement–bad if you are anything but a corporation. You have to willfully ignore past evidence to swallow the same old tired arguments used to ram through these crappy agreements. But, let’s celebrate an anniversary here to trumpet the collapse of any plausible argument being used to sell the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

TPP-Loving Democrats (Read: POTUS) Help DRIVE Inequality

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Excuse me while we interrupt the hocus-pocus exercise of throwing a meager bone to a few workers on the minimum wage (a proposal, by the way, that is pathetic at $10.10 an hour) to point out: the few cents you think you are putting into a person’s left pocket by hiking a smidgen the minimum wage you are, then, yanking out of that person’s right pocket a whole lot more by promoting the horrendous Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its malignant so-called “free trade” predecessors.

Obama’s TPP “could undo key global environmental protections”

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I was going to write something else about the foolishness of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) but, hey, WikiLeaks beat me to it. This dumbness on the part of the Democratic Party to wrap their arms around so-called “free trade”, stretching all the way back to Bill Clinton and his (and, I know people want to conveniently forget, ROBERT REICH’S) passionate embrace of NAFTA, is the sad gift that keeps giving. And, now, another Democrat is happy to walk all over the environment to achieve…what? More stupid trade policy.

NAFTA Twenty Years Later

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Time flies when you’ve been screwed. I’m going to write some more about this but, for the time being, let’s not forget that it’s been 20 years since NAFTA was passed…and it was bad shit then and bad shit now.

Senior Democrats To Obama: TPP Dead In Current Form

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The Trans Pacific Partnership is another putrid so-called “free trade” deal. All these NAFTa-style agreements are a core reason behind the collapse of the middle class across the world. And, at least with the TPP, some senior Democrats are making it clear to the president: this deal is dead on arrival without significant changes.

A Revolt Gets A Bit Louder–And We Get A Smidgen of the Constitution Back

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Big, bad things often get done–things that shred our economic security and undo some pretty basic constitutional ideas–because, after years and years of listening to sound bites and catchy phrases, it’s easy to let the bi-partisan elites thunder ahead on very bad policy. That’s the case with so-called “free trade.” But, something is happening that is slowing down that monumentally foolish, and destructive, rush on very bad trade deals — and it’s connected to the broader revolt out there, sometimes quiet, sometimes noisy.

What Are You Wearing Right Now?

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Uh, it’s not a come on…seriously. If it’s a casual day, and you are just lounging around your house or walking the streets, just curious if your clothes carry a Gap or Old Navy label. Yeah, you know what’s coming — blood, sweat and tears put that on your back.

Why People Leave Their Homes

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Five years ago, I wrote something with almost the same title — and I resurrect this today because the Senate passed an immigration bill. Whatever you think about the bill, in my view, it avoids a central point: we ignore the fundamental reason people flee their homes and what needs to be done to change that forced flight.

Rise of Another Corporate Mouthpiece to Destroy The Middle Class

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Yet another installment in the decades-long white flag of surrender to the corporate elite took place in a relatively unnoticed vote — what, with the more important, front-page, relentless coverage of the passing of what’s-his-name Gandolfini. The country has a new trade representative…well, that’s not really accurate — Citibank has a new trade representative.