Until Bankers Go To Jail, I’m Not Paying My Taxes: Splendid Idea, Greg Wise and Emma Thompson

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Let me give credit, up front, to a splendid idea from the actors Greg Wise and Emma Thompson that clarified my own outrage at a simple reality: the bankers destroyed the economy with their greed and incompetence, the Obama Administration lets each bank CEO off the hook with a negotiated deal for a fine that the institution, not the banker pays, and with no jail time for a single high-ranking Wall Streeter and WE PAY FOR THIS.

That’s right: each one of us, with our taxes, pays for this sleazy deal with the financial elite.

85 Peoples’ Wealth=Half The World

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Not a new idea but worth spotlighting on MLK Day that class warfare is forging ahead. Oxfam, in anticipation of the gathering of the Masters of the Universe at Davos, tells us this nugget: the richest 85 people have the same wealth as 3.5 billion people, half the population of the world.

The Greed Gift That Keeps Giving: CEO Pay Up 16 Percent

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So, when I read this shit, I admit to laughing: there is a certain about of humor I find, mixed with the disgust, in the absolute ability of the captains of industry to continue to act like pigs at the trough in the face of all the misery of unemployment, low wages, no pensions and fear still coursing throughout every community. The system of greed, fired up by the great, almighty, “free market”, just soldiers on in another fourth dimension. They just do not care

Pity The Hedge Fund Guy Who Needs Better Digs

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For your digestion, or indigestion, another chapter in the astonishing chutzpah and greed. When the rich don’t have enough room or covet something else, they just buy another property for a nice cool $60 million — and, then, they whine about taxes being too high.

Lloyd’s Good Life

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Hey, no big deal — you run a company rife with conflicts of interest, you help crater the economy, costing millions of jobs and trillions of dollars in wealth…and you keep racking up more and more money. Life is good for Lloyd Blankfein.

The Fix-The-Debt Gang Is A Gaggle of Thieves

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One of the most grating parts about the Fix-The-Debt crowd is their sanctimoniousness — only *they* care about the country and only *they* know the truth and everyone else is an idiot and blind. The truth is this is a gang of phonies — led by the corporate hacks named Bowles and Simpson — who have an ideological hatred of anything that smells of a “social good” and mostly standout for the amount of riches they’ve siphoned off from various companies or investments they’ve tapped into. And here is hard evidence.