Ebola: It’s All About Class Warfare and Corruption

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In the list of serious “first world problems”–or maybe “first world stupidities”–you can list the hysteria around Ebola in the U.S. i.e., the non-existent Ebola crisis in this country. And, of course, as soon as the media found some other thing to focus on, no one cares anymore that thousands of people–black people–have died and continue to die from Ebola. But, the real point to make is that Ebola isn’t just a disease–it’s a result of relentless global class warfare and corruption.

Global Robbery In One Simple Graph

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Sorry, I don’t share the optimism or excitement in the headlines about the new job figures–partly because I don’t believe this lasts. It’s funny how the elites wants to always demand that we think about how the world has become “global” when it means demanding wage cuts and acceptance of shitty trade agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership. But, when it comes to trumpeting the go-go U.S. “recovery”, the facts of the world are put to the side.

Especially when it comes to talking about ROBBERY.

Watch The Slow Slide

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Typically, it doesn’t happen with a crash. Nope, more like a slow slide–until it’s too late to avoid a really bad economic picture that hurts millions of people. And at least someone is warning of the slide.

The Global Working Poor

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The vastness of global poverty is almost unfathomable–but, it’s gotten a bit better, according to the good people at the International Labour Organization, which just published its 2014 World of Work Report that focuses on “Developing With Jobs”. Even more astounding is the scale of the number of people who are in what is called “vulnerable employment”, which is a fancy way of saying you just can’t make ends meet.

In Death, A Sliver of Hope

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The ghastly industrial killing field in the garment factory in Bangladesh has now claimed over 1,100 lives. Hard to even fathom. But, there is a sliver of hope that out of this massacre of workers will come a little improvement.

600,000 Trapped

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Down there in the bottom of the pond, the scum, are the trafficker in human beings. It’s a bit unfathomable to contemplate how people are able to exploit other humans and sell them and imprison them for work — until you consider that in the world of the so-called “free market” where everything is for sale — water, education, health care — it’s probably not that big a stretch. The Middle East weighs in with 600,000 people who are in forced labor.