“I Surrender”: Trying To Kill Obamacare Shows Supreme Court “politicians in robes”

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Nobody, in my opinion, knows the Supreme Court better, and writes about its decisions and law in a more user-friendly way, than Linda Greenhouse, former NYTimes Supreme Court reporter who has a regular column on the Times website; I read every one of her columns, even if it’s not a topic I particularly work on or follow.

Today, she blisters the Court in a broadside that essentially says: by agreeing to take up a challenge to the Affordable Care Act, the conservative majority has shown that it is simply a group of “politicians in robes”.

The NRA’s War On Judges

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The NRA’s blood money buys a lot of politicians and, which, then, leads directly to the murder of innocent people. Less paid-attention to is the NRA’s war against the judiciary, which Linda Greenhouse sheds some light on.