BREAKING: $15-An-Hour Minimum Wage WIDENS LEAD! Likely To Win (UPDATE#3)

In General Interest by Jonathan Tasini1 Comment

Within the past hour, the newest ballot total count shows the $15-an-hour minimum wage SeaTac initiative has WIDENED its lead — to 53 votes from just 19 a day before, which was a lead that had shrunk — a nice reversal from yesterday’s narrowed vote. And, in my estimation, this means the initiative will now likely come out on top at the end of the count.

$15-An-Hour Minimum Wage: Thisclose, 19-Vote Lead (UPDATE #2)

In General Interest by Jonathan Tasini3 Comments

With about 250-300 ballots left to count, the ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage to $15-an-hour in the city of SeaTac is leading by just 19 votes. It’s lost a bit of ground since Tuesday’s lead of 43 votes. But, win or lose, it could set a different standard for the debate around the minimum wage.