S&P Gets Slap-On-The-Wrist $80 Million Fine: Same Old Story About The Wall Street Robbery

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Ah, the seasons turn from summer to winter to spring…predictable. And just like the seasons we can count on one almost predictable fact: no one of consequences will go to jail for the robbery of the economy, the obliteration of millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of wealth. Nope, slap on the wrist. Every. Time. And, ladies and gents, the next example: S&P.

Mafia’s New Defense: Don’t Indict Us, We’d Be Out of Business

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Ah, Don Corleone, you would wish for these days. You would never worry about running a crooked business, breaking the law, or shaking down your customers. Because, if the government came after you, you’d have a ready-made defense, a tested defense handed you by the big banks, and their apologists: don’t indict me and my associates because we’d be out of business.