The NRA’s War On Judges

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The NRA’s blood money buys a lot of politicians and, which, then, leads directly to the murder of innocent people. Less paid-attention to is the NRA’s war against the judiciary, which Linda Greenhouse sheds some light on.

Is The Democratic Party For NRA Blood Money, Or For Children?

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To make the point again, this is a very, very simple equation: eliminate the scourge of the NRA, drain the swamp of its blood money and you stop the murder of children. Period. And so the question that must be asked of at least the Democratic Party: what is the party going to do to destroy the NRA’s ability to keep advancing an agenda that promotes gun mayhem in the streets and the murder of children and other innocent people?

The NRA’s Blood Money And Those Who Take It (UPDATED)

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Mass murder by gun gets obscured by all sorts of fuzzy talk about “national character” and “culture”. But, really, the bottom line is this: it’s the end result of the blood money handed out by the National Rifle Association. Until that stream of blood money stops, either by party decision or public outcry, the river of blood will flow through schools, malls, streets and homes all across the nation. The NRA. That is the source of this scourge.