Bernie Sanders ACA-ruling statement: We Need Single Payer, Medicare For All

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Look, the Supreme Court ruling is a good thing, not the least of which is that it makes the heads of three wingers on the Court and across the land explode. But, it’s important to pause for a moment and realize that the Affordable Care Act is woefully inadequate, and is the dream for insurance companies and drug companies who want to leech on people.

Bernie Sanders understands that.

About Those 30 Million

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I hate to sound churlish but a short observation: does it bother anyone else that the celebration by liberals/progressives, all in tune with the White House messaging machine, about the 7 million-plus who enrolled so far in the Affordable Care Act system sort of ignores the fact that 30 million people still have no coverage, people who would have been covered if we had pushed for a single-payer “Medicare for All” system, not a system that is a windfall for insurance companies? Just wondering.

Why Minimum Wage Gambit Smells Like Obamacare

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The lowering of expectations. The willingness to let people wallow in poverty and be bankrupted by big corporations because of the lack of courage in political leaders. That is what I would argue is the conclusion from the president’s minimum wage rhetoric, which is pretty much health care all over again.

Health Care Amnesia

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Here is a good example of making sure the frame of a discussion is pretty narrow. And, in this case, it’s an omission that is worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Framing Health Care Costs

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It’s an ingrained fact that health care costs in the U.S. are outrageous and economically foolish — even if the drug companies and insurance industry maggots are are happy to keep raking in billions on the backs of sick or dying people…all in a day’s work. And so the way in which the media, and others, are greeting the new health care programs coming on-line should be viewed in context.

If Only Single Payer Had Triumphed

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Of all the surrenders to corporate power health care has got to rank right up at the top of the list. Obamacare’s failures come down to an unwillingness to consign the insurance industry to the trash heap of history and a deal which guaranteed the drug companies billions of dollars in profits. Which makes the news about slowing health care costs even more infuriating.

Sen. Tom Coburn, Thank You!

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    Ha! You wonder, why I would praise one of the people most determined to destroy a decent government? Because he may have single-handidly cratered the idiotic "Gang of Six". …

Filling Jails

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   In February 1960, Dr. Martin Luther King sent this to 11 jailed protestors: I HAVE JUST LEARNED OF YOUR COURAGEOUS WILLINGNESS TO GO TO JAIL INSTEAD OF PAYING FINES …

The Health Care Fiasco

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   I can’t say I’m surprised, honestly. I believe I’ve pointed out before that we were screwed once there was an acceptance that the insurance industry was going to be …

The Blue Dogs’ Game

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   I remember quite clearly a very honest discussion I had with a Member of Congress at an event about six months before the 2008 mid-term elections. I’ve known this …