S&P: A Wall Street Shill With A Sense of Humor

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I like a good sense of humor as much as anyone. So, I tip my hat to the people over at Standard and Poor’s — especially the legal department — for giving me a chance to just have a good ‘ole belly laugh. You see, all that stuff about S&P’s culpability in the mortgage scam that robbed millions of people of their jobs and savings is just made-up, and, to boot, the lawsuit filed by the Justice Department is “political retribution.” Seriously. Now, c’mon, did you laugh or not?

Standard and Poor’s GUILTY, “deceived” and “misled” Investors

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One of the great myths that created the seeds of the financial crisis was that the ratings agencies–Standard and Poor and Moody’s–where “independent”. What a crock–the ratings agencies gave positive ratings to the crummy debt securities that were at the heart of what led to millions of people losing their jobs and they have been the water boys for the financial elite who peddled this crap. Now, we have a conviction of S&P: Guilty in a court of law.

A Waste of Time

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   This is a bit late and dumb: The Senate Banking Committee has started gathering information for what could become a hearing on the ratings agency Standard & Poor’s, a …