Nothing to Sweat About

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I had a piece in today’s The Australian. Mainly geared to an Australian audience, it made one basic point: not much has changed in the presidential race.

Sometimes It’s So Obvious You Laugh

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Clarity in politics requires that you pay attention. It’s not hard to see the game being played. And it is often so easy — as easy as a campaign contribution — to see the game that you burst out laughing because, well, humor must never be abandoned, even if you see your country being sold off to the highest bidder.

The Race Was Over In March

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People watching politics are truly ADD, with stunningly short attention spans and even shorter memories. Here’s my very brief argument why this presidential race was over in March– and, ironically, Mitt Romney will have to blame the very conservative billionaires who are shoveling money down the rat hole of his losing campaign.