Even The Right-Wing Business Press Admits: Big Tax Give Away Won’t Create Jobs

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It’s no surprise to people in the reality-based world–you know, the people who look at facts–that most corporate tax cuts are not going to create jobs. All that bleating from the bi-partisan chorus that fawns over the “job creators” (read; overpaid corporate executives) and never met a corporate tax break it didn’t like (especially tax breaks that oil up those campaign contributions…looking at you, Steny Hoyer) ignores the reality that the promised jobs, in return for tax cuts, just don’t materialize–not to mention jobs that pay a decent wage.

The President’s Tax Gift To Corporations Is Just Class Warfare Redux

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With one hand, he giveth a few dollars to the people, and with the other hand, he showers huge corporations with a tax gift that is astounding in its…audacity? That’s how I suggest you can look at the president’s executive order to pay more workers overtime (a good thing) versus his budget proposal to…pay attention now..CUT corporate tax rates.

Tax Cut Hocus Pocus

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So, as we gather steam towards Tax Day, let’s keep up this drumbeat: tax cuts don’t help the economy. Or, at least, there isn’t the evidence to prove they do. So, says the Congressional Research Service.

The Poodle Strikes Again

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I’ve never been a fan of the New York governor. I guess it was subtle when I coined him “the poodle for the rich”. And so, no surprise, he’s giving out goodies again.

Look Who Rose From Irrelevance?

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One of the enduring feats that always amazes me is the way in which liars, fools and manipulators, who are proven to be such, still manage to occupy some space in the public debate and rise from the dead. You remember Arthur Laffer, the man who peddled the phony and discredited “Laffer curve” arguing for lower taxes? Well, he’s baaccck…with another pile of manure to sell.

Tax Noise

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Right after the now-infamous debate (or, exchange of sounds bites), I wrote a bit about the fallacy of the exchange on taxes. Just a quick clean up here to underscore an important point — both candidates support, in one form or another, extending some or all of the Bush tax cuts. And that is sheer lunacy.