Simple Choice: 25 Million Kids OR More Useless Tax Cuts For Business?

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We’ve never had a problem with finding money in the federal budget. Iraq War/Afghanistan/Drones? Pfft…a few trillion, no problem. Tax cuts for the rich? Here, take hundreds of billions of dollars. The problem is PRIORITIES and MORALITY.

Today, the question boils down to: does the Congress want to help 25 million kids and their families have a few dollars more in the household budget–to buy food, clothes and pay for heating–OR would the Congress rather give billions of dollars in useless, wasteful tax cuts to business?

Can We All Dance Around The $42 BILLION Bonfire?

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It gets to a point, in this crazy world–the world in which our bridges are falling down, roads are crumbling, hospitals are closing down, schools don’t have enough supplies for kids–when flushing $42 billion down the drain just seems like no big fucking deal. In the pathetic bi-partisan world of budget nonsense and more give-aways for corporations and the elite, $42 billion is seen as a “compromise.”

Don’t Extend Those…Extenders

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With tax day looming, I’ll try to throw in more on the crazy world of tax policy — which usually means how corporations and rich people are taking us for a ride courtesy of very willing politicians. Today, it’s all about tax extenders.

GE Loves The Deal

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Another day, another tidbit of info to shine the light on the awful tax bill passed (I guess we can call it Obama-McConnell?). Corporations are getting off, again, with big breaks that make no sense.